The Team

Jonathon McLoughlinJonathon McLoughlin

Director & Occupational Therapist

Jonathon graduated in 2013 from the University of South Australia. He started his professional career in Vocational Rehab and helping people return to work. He then moved into paediatrics during 2014 and began his paediatric career. He has worked within private practice, government and large not for profit organisations. Jonathon’s aim throughout his career is to make therapy a place to thrive and learn, and then to work with families on how to integrate this into everyday life.

Jonathon’s practice highlights include time spent working within a kindergartens/schools and in-clinic in South Australia, where he provided group and individual therapy for at risk clients. He also worked for Disability SA and Disability QLD, where he built parent support programs, and provided therapy to families and children. An experience that has stayed with Jonathon for his career was a time where he found himself in Cambodia within a small rural town named Chuuk supporting the community and children with a disability within the community. Here he worked with children with a variety of disabilities along with their school, families and community to build their capacities to live more independently.

Jonathon’s particular interests fall in sensorimotor therapy, sensory integration therapy, sensory processing, and attachment therapy. His aim and focus is to provide sustainable therapy and to help children get to a time whereby they can grow and achieve outside of therapy.


Occupational Therapist

Jen completed her Bachelors Degree in Occupational Therapy and joined the Ignite Allied Health Team in July 2022. Along with her bachelor’s degree, she has also attained a Certificate III in Children’s Services back in 2014. Jen has always loved working with children, which drove her to specialise in paediatrics. She is committed to making a difference in the lives of others and loves seeing the growth in children. Jen is dedicated in providing assistance, not only to the child but also to their families, ensuring they have the support they need to assist in the child’s development and wellbeing. She loves being a part of the journey and supporting the children in achieving their goals.

Jen is passionate about providing a service where the children feel safe and comfortable enough to be themselves in sessions. Through the work she has done with the children, she has always been able to understand their experiences and relate to her clients. This led to her decision to undergo an assessment, where she was diagnosed with Autism and ADHD in the beginning of 2023. Now, with permission from parents, she is able to share her experiences with her clients, allowing for a deeper connection with them and their families. As her story is often shared with parents who are coming to terms with the diagnosis, it allows parents to be reassured that anything is possible. Her goal is to help show the children’s amazing superpowers to the world!


Occupational Therapist

Amy is an Occupational Therapist at Ignite Allied Health, who has always wanted to work in paediatrics and is super excited to be working in her dream career after spending the previous 11 years at university. After growing up in the Barossa, Amy started with a Bachelor of Medical Science, then Graduate Certificate in Disability Studies at Flinders University, before moving over to University of South Australia for a Bachelor of Human Movement (Exercise and Sport Science Stream) where she had placements with Hockey SA and Basketball SA. Amy completed her Master of Occupational Therapy through University of South Australia in 2022, with her final placement in Assistive Technology. Amy is also thinking of continuing her professional development in the area of toilet training and feeding therapy later this year.

Amy has spent much of her career and life working in teams. In her spare time, Amy thoroughly enjoys playing and coaching field hockey, as well as a very strange ice sport called Broomball. Amy first started playing hockey locally in the Barossa and Gawler region at the age of 5. Broomball is a recent addition, but Amy is thoroughly enjoying the challenge that these sports bring. Both Hockey and Broomball are team sports which require good stick skills and effective decision making. Amy looks forward to being a part of your child’s team and joining their journey as they grow!

BriBrianna (Bri)

Occupational Therapist

Brianna, or Bri, as most the kids know her, joined the Ignite Allied Health team in May 2023. When Bri found out that Paediatric Occupational Therapy was a career devoted to helping children grow, learn, and engage in daily life, she knew it was the path she wanted to pursue. Bri then went on to graduate with a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy, from the University of South Australia in 2020. Since then, Bri has been working within the paediatric setting and has found her passion working alongside children and their families. Bri has developed her knowledge and skills working with children of all ages, she also has experience running cooking and social groups and continues to be committed in growing her therapeutic skills.

Bri has a very friendly and caring nature, with a commitment to not only supporting the children, but also their caregivers and families. Bri’s particular interests lie within school and high school readiness skills, social skills and she is hoping to upskill in the area of teenage development. She also enjoys working with University students to develop their knowledge and skills within the World of Paediatrics.


Allied Health Assistant

Emily is currently an Occupational Therapy student who has joined Ignite as an Allied Health Assistant with the hope to continue as an Occupational Therapist when she has finished her studies. Previously, Emily has worked as an SSO in primary schools, and therefore brings a wealth of knowledge to the role. She has always dreamt of working with children and loves how the Paediatric Occupational Therapy field is creative, versatile, fun and so rewarding to see a positive difference in children’s lives. In her free time, she loves to spend time with family and friends, play netball and bake.


Allied Health Assistant

Alyssa joined the Ignite team as an Allied Health Assistant in the beginning of 2023. She is currently studying her Bachelors in Occupational Therapy and hopes to continue on to the Occupational Therapy role with Ignite once her studies are complete. Alyssa has chosen Occupational Therapy because she loves the positive change it can bring to the children’s lives. She has a strong background and passion in dance, coaching young children through to teens. She cannot wait to use those skills to help further provide support to children as an Allied Health Assistant. Outside of work, Alyssa loves to dance and explore new places with friends. 


Allied Health Assistant

Danni is a fun and energetic Registered Nurse who has joined the Ignite team as an Allied Health Assistant.  Having worked in areas such as emergency, post anaesthetic recovery, rehabilitation, and cancer, she has an extensive knowledge on medical issues and is enthusiastic about helping people be their best self.  Working with children in post anaesthetic surgical recovery inspired her passion for helping kids. Danni loves being able to find creative ways to motivate children towards their individual goals. Her interests include figure skating, snowboarding, surfing, taekwondo, dance, crocheting, art and crafts. 


Allied Health Assistant

Emma has joined Ignite as an Allied Health Assistant. Emma has spent the last 10 years working as a nurse in a busy doctor’s clinic. She has always loved working with children and wanted to explore a different career path, where is able to provide help and support within the community with a focus on paediatrics. She enjoys working with the younger ages right up to early teens. As a mum, she understands the importance of providing care for children and supporting them to the best of their abilities.

Jonathon PJonathon

Allied Health Assistant

Jonathon joined the Ignite team as an Allied Health Assistant in June 2023. He is currently studying a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (honours) and hopes to continue to the Occupational Therapy role once his studies are completed. Jonathon has previously worked as a swimming instructor for children and hopes to use the knowledge he has gained to help provide further support to his clients as an Allied Health Assistant.


Allied Health Assistant

Joining Ignite as an Allied Health Assistant, Olivia hopes to grow her knowledge and continue her journey towards becoming an Occupational Therapist. Along with studying her Bachelor’s in Occupational Therapy, Olivia also has experience as a support worker, bringing a wealth of understanding and appreciation to the world. Motivated to make a difference and watch young people grow, and succeed in their own goals, Oliva cannot wait to further her career as an Occupational Therapist with Ignite to follow her passion in Paediatrics. Olivia loves to get her body moving through team sports and nature walking, as well as growing her creativeness through arts and crafts.


Allied Health Assistant

Grace is one of our new additions to the Ignite Allied Health team as of 2023. She is currently studying her Bachelors in Occupational Therapy (Honours) in the hopes of working as a Paediatric Occupational Therapist when she finishes her degree. Before Ignite, Grace worked closely with children for 4 years as a swimming teacher, building on the skills needed to work creatively and empathetically with young people. She loves seeing the growth and progression that children can make over time and admires this about the Occupational Therapy field. Grace hopes to positively contribute to this and the lives of her clients in her new role as an Allied Health Assistant at Ignite. In her free time, Grace likes to draw, swim, and spend time with her family, friends, and dog.



Skye has been working in medical administration since 2015, and in 2021 she decided to move to the Allied Health field so that she could learn more about the needs of children and their families.

Skye had a personal reason for wanting to work in Allied Health support services, as her son was diagnosed with Autism in 2022. Skye decided that she wanted to be the person on the other side, helping to guide and support families through the mirky NDIS process. She wanted to ensure that the families had a kind voice and face when they appeared in the centres for the first or 100th time.

Skye’s journey showed it can be a hard and unfamiliar road to take and wanted to be there to offer families with support, guidance and compassion while navigating a new diagnosis. This aligned beautifully with what we want to do here at Ignite. With the team getting so busy with therapy, it became a necessity to bring someone on to be that voice and support.

Skye is here to help you with all of your enquires regarding invoices, sessions, NDIS and care plan goals, activity schedules, visuals and more!



Beth joined the team at the beginning of 2023, where she not only assists the families of clients from Ignite Allied Health but also the families of clients from The Speech Boutique. She brings a warm welcome to those who stop by the clinic. With her friendly nature, she is driven to help ensure families are well looked after. Prior to joining the team, she worked as an Early Childhood Educator for over a decade. In Beth’s spare time, she is a busy mum to her 2 daughters.

Beth is here to help everyone with any enquiries about Occupational or Speech Therapy. Do not be afraid to give her a call if you have any questions or require any assistance!